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Traditional events  



1. Joniškis City Day Celebration

Annually on the first Saturday of July 

2. Lithuanian State Day (The Coronation of King Mindaugas)

Annually on the 6th of July

3. The Commemoration of The Restoration of the State Day

Annually on the 16th of February

4. Citizenship Action Laisvės skrydis

Annually on the 13th – 11th of January

5. Republican Vocal Ensemble Contest Laisvė – Lietuvos širdis, dedicated to  the Day of Freedom Defenders

Annually on the 13th of January

6. Republican Folk Dance Festival Jievaro tiltas

Every two years

7. Republican Exhibition of Folk Artists to win the Adomo Varno prize 

Every three years

8. The commemoration of victory of the Battle of Saulė in Jauniūnai. Baltic Unity Day

Annually on the 22nd of September

9. Republican Children’s and Youth Theater Festival Bendraamžių scena

Every two years

10. Republican Youth Folk Dance Festival Šokim šokimėlį


11. Republican Historical Lithuanian Song Contest Aušta Aušrelė

Every two years

12. Republican Contemporary Dance Festival Terpsichorės kelias